Abby Rosakis

Abby Rosakis

Born Abigail Rose Cohen
October 31, 1969 (48)
Pebble Beach, California
Current City Los Angeles, California
Occupation Veterinarian
Partner(s) Ivan Rosakis
Child(ren) Jack Rosakis, Asya Rosakis, Miranda Rosakis, Kat Rosakis
Parents John and Taylor Cohen
Sibling(s) Steven Cohen (deceased)

Abigail Rose Cohen made her charactorial debut on Sep 22, 2006. Bubbly, cheerful, completely crazy and random, she was an instant hit. She is named for her writer's little cousin, who had died unexpectedly the year before.

Abby is a blue-eyed blonde, though in her first months in Monterey, she had bright red bangs and red streaks in her dreadlocked hair. She has five piercings; each of her ears, symmetrical snakebites and a labret. Sometime after she and Ivan left Monterey, she removed her lip piercings and never put them back. Abby stands 5' 5" tall, and though refuses to admit to her weight, she is slightly built and probably weighs around 120 lbs or less.

In Unbound, she is portrayed by Kristen Bell. In the Alternate Universe, she is portrayed by Candice Swanepoel.

She is invariably described as "weird", but takes great pleasure in the description. Abby definitely does not like acting like a "normal" person. Sitting in chairs is foreign to her; she either sits on top or underneath tables (though, after her children were born, she reluctantly started using chairs again), and often dances on top of chairs, tables, bars, benches, or anywhere else that strikes her fancy. She climbs trees and fences only give her something else she can climb on. Horses are one of her favorite animals, though she loves them all. She is generally excited over every little thing, even events and people others might describe as mundane. One of her catchphrases is, "Woah," used for just about any kind of event, though when excited, she squeals or shrieks "at a pitch only dogs can hear."

One of her flaws is her extreme promiscuity. Men catch her attention quickly, and she has no qualms about going home with complete strangers. Surprisingly, it has never backfired on her, though the potential was always there. In fact, all of her male friends were lovers before she even considered being friends with them. Abby also has a great deal of difficulty expressing personal emotions or history. She uses other means to reveal her deeper personality, such as when she used an elephant plushie to tell Ivan she liked him and when she revealed her past to Irvyn using a fairy tale she created.

She does drink, sometimes heavily, though she is not an alcoholic. Drinking is rather rare for her, and she reserves her "liquid fun" for times out with girl friends. Drugs, on the other hand, are not her thing, and she will vehemently protest any drug use her friends do in her presence.

Anyone in her vicinity can expect to get a random gift from her. Often, she hands out shells, leaves, figurines, toys, rocks painted by her to look like animals; just about anything that she collects she is willing to give away. Her autograph collection, however, is her most prized possession, consisting of hundreds of autographs from anyone she considers interesting. Two of her favorites (both of which she framed in bright green and purple polka-dotted frames) are those of her best friend, "Irvyn, with an I", and Claudia's "light bright".

Abby gets along with nearly everyone, and commonly introduces herself to complete strangers. Those that respond favorably are allowed to call her Abby. Those who do not meet her standards of friendliness are asked to "call [her] Abigail. Or nothing. You decide." Enemies are rare for her; she can count on one hand the people who are on her shit list. Friends, for her, are friends for life.

Some of the people she considers her closest friends are Irvyn O'Callaghan, Athena Hart, Dane Barnett, Disa Hviti, Claudia Bucko, and of course, her Hot Greek Lawyer husband of 20+ years, Ivan Rosakis.

Early Life

Abby was born in Pebble Beach, California, the daughter of surfing champion John Yeardley Cohen and Taylor Anne Cohen (née Bentley), a hairdresser. She is the younger of the two Cohen siblings, she had an older brother, Stephen. As a child, her family moved around California, following the various surfing competitions up and down the state.

When Abby was fourteen, her family returned to Pebble Beach, settling down in a fishing shack John had inherited from an uncle. She and Stephen attended a local high school, where she excelled in biology and philosophy, as well as becoming a cheerleader. It was at high school that she met and began dating a boy from a neighboring city, a surfer friend of her brother's. Around the same time, Stephen befriended an older surfer, who introduced
him to a life of parties, alcohol and drugs. Abby sought solace in her new relationship and spent more and more time away from home and her increasingly volatile home life.

One afternoon, Abby returned home after a morning of surfing, and came upon her brother lying in a beach chair on their porch. At first, she thought he was sleeping, but it wasn't long before she realized her brother wasn't breathing. She called the police, and her parents, but it was too late. Stephen had died of an overdose of pain-killers and alcohol. Convinced that Stephen's older friend had provided the pills, she told the police, but without evidence, they weren't able to arrest the man. Her parents drew away from her in grief, leaving Abby alone with hers. She turned back to her boyfriend for comfort, but he didn't believe her version of events, either.

A week after Stephen's death, Abby was walking along the shore near her home, when she spotted her brother's friend talking to a group of kids. Angry, she approached him and accused him of murdering her brother. He denied it, and left, but returned when Abby was alone on the beach. He grabbed her and forced her into his car. As they were driving away, Abby saw her boyfriend on the street and screamed for help, but he turned away from her and did not call the police. The man took her to a secluded cove, smashed her in the head with a rock, and fled the scene, leaving her bleeding to death on the beach. The fortuitous arrival of a group of biology students prevented her from dying, however.

The Recovery Years

After months of physical recovery, Abby was released from the hospital. Despite her later claim to have never seen a doctor (giving the reason that her parents didn't "believe in modern medicine"), her parents admitted her to a psychiatric hospital shortly before her 18th birthday. She spent three months in the hospital and was released after convincing her doctors she was cured. According to what she told Ivan and Irvyn in later conversations, it was in the hospital where she adopted her philosophy that, "It's best to look for joy and happiness in everything one sees. Because one never knows when it can all be snatched away again."

She spent two years traveling the country, collecting autographs from anyone she found interesting, and memorabilia from places she enjoyed visiting. She mostly made her living by painting rocks, shells and leaves and selling them as folk art. Mostly, she bounced from town to town, living in trees and surviving off the kindness of strangers.

Monterey, California

Abby's first stop in Monterey was The Corner Café. Although her first trip bored her to tears, as no one paid attention to her, her return brought her into contact with several citizens. There, she met Yani Marcano, Eli and Mary Jane Watson. She got her first Monterey kiss from Eli after Yani greeted him in the same fashion. Her first autograph came a few minutes later, when Dr. Gael Russell entered the room. Moments later, she introduced herself to Disa, and the two of them went off to play in the park trees. Abby gets her second autograph from Disa.

The following morning, she returned to the Café and met more of the residents. Outside, she offered a rock she'd found at the beach to Jianna Kattalakis' baby, Nikolas. Irvyn O'Callaghan sat nearby and, intrigued, invited her over to his table and introduced himself. Impressed by his name ("Gawd. It starts with an "I". I wish my name started with an "I". But then my name would be "Ibby", and that's just stupid."), she agreed to go up to the mountain lake to "find a nymph," which, of course, turned out to be her. After "finding the nymph," Abby collected an autograph from Irvyn and headed back to the park tree to sleep.

The next day, she met Marius (she doesn't know he's a vampire until Disa tells her, and is incredibly disappointed she didn't get his autograph),
Claudia Petulengro (who she presented with a stuffed ostrich as a welcoming gift), Blaze Bucko (her fourth autograph, since he created a ball of fire for her) and Claudia's "Light Bright", Araceli (her fifth autograph, followed by Claudia's).

Her first trip to the bar, she met up with Disa and Yani, who had brought Dane Barnett (who "has nice shoes"). She started off the night by shooting napkins into a trash bin ("Holy mother of seagulls, the hoop moved! I'd bet my pockets on it."), then she and Disa danced on the tables, though she fell off ("I'm okay! I'm okay! The ground broke my fall!"). When Yani finally joined them, she noticed that Irvyn seemed upset, so she gave him an antique toy horse (""This is Gilbert. I've had him since I was a baby.") to cheer him up.

The next day was the 25th. Throughout the day, she met several other residents (MJ again, with whom she played marbles under a cafe table, Wes, Kokainis Faasson & Erica Cantos) and then headed off to the docks. There, she met Kyle Davis and Ivan Rosakis while walking atop the railings. When Ivan informed her that he wouldn't catch her if she fell, she responded by telling him she would "land on her feet, like a cat," earning her new nickname, "Pussycat." Meanwhile, Kyle jealously butted in, clearly having a crush on Ivan. While he shamelessly flirted with him, Abby sat back and watched until Kyle finally acknowledged her. Clearly not amused by his rudeness, she offered her name as simply, "Abigail," though after a few lines of conversation, she warmed up to both of them. She asked them what made them interesting, and while Kyle couldn't come up with anything, Ivan offered up drinking Axe Murderers and being from Greece as options. Being Greek impressed her to the point that she asked for his autograph, making him the seventh in town to give her one. Then, they discovered they both liked sex, so they went off to Ivan's apartment to "climb things."


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