Adam Weir

Adam Weir

Born Adam Weir
May 8, 1965 (52)
Huntington, Ohio
Current City Author & Something-else-I-don't-remember
Occupation Klara Hofman
Partner(s) Klarissa Weir
Child(ren) Thomas and Cecelia Weir
Parents Maggie Kellar, Mike Weir, Becky Solak, Pam Labelle
Sibling(s) Green eyes, gray hair (formerly blond)

Early life

Second oldest of 5. Siblings Maggie, Mike, Becky (48) and Pam. Has a niece, Angela, who is Pamela's daughter. Mother died when Adam was 10. Family owned a farm, but lost it. Father worked at a gas station. Worked as a tax attorney when he met Klara. Almost got married.

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