Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor


Alexis Leigh Taylor
February 1, 1985 (33)
Phoenix, Arizona

Current City New York City, New York
Occupation Television producer for CNN
Partner(s) Peter Holland (2004-2006, married)
Derrick Beaumann (2017-present)
Parents Sean Messener and Erica Hofman
Sibling(s) David Hofman (step), Mara Hofman, Johnny Hofman

Alexis Leigh Taylor arrived on February 17, 2007 alongside her mother, Erica Hofman; although at the time, they were billed as Erica and Alexis Poe. The pair are named after Erica G. and her best friend, Alexis. The fictional Alexis was originally written by Erica G.

Alexis has very dark copper-brown hair, which she frequently dyes chocolate brown, and dark brown eyes. She has German and Italian roots on her father's side, Irish and Swedish ancestry on her mother's. She stands 5'6" tall and has a slightly heavyset build. Her weight fluctuates depending on her stress level, but averages around 140 lbs.

All of her friends and family members call her Alexis, Lex or Lexi. Her mother is the only one allowed to call her Allie.

In Unbound, she is portrayed by Mila Kunis.

Alexis is a fairly outgoing woman. She is quick to introduce herself to people and has no difficulty holding a conversation, even with strangers. Though she spends a great deal of time with adults, her favorite days of the week are those that include spending time with "her" kids- those in the pediatric oncology ward and the deaf softball kids she coaches. While many people admire her for her selfless devotion, Alexis doesn't think of herself as a 'hero'. Making a big deal out of her accomplishments and successes isn't her thing, either. Despite her seeming overabundance of self-confidence, Alexis is actually fairly insecure and self-conscious.

Men have always attracted Alexis, and she often finds herself in relationships with the worst of them. Nearly all of her lovers have been either married or otherwise unattainable. Even when she first started dating Derrick Beaumann, she found reasons why he was unavailable.

Alexis does drink, though not a lot, and usually only when she's stressed or celebrating something. Drugs are completely out of the question due to her overcoming a previous addiction, and she doesn't smoke. Parties aren't something she tolerates long, though she does attend them for work functions. Generally, her life consists of working, sleeping and spending time with her kids and roommates.

Besides her family members, her closest friends are Dawn Ricoli, Cassie Benson, Jade Batiste, her roommates, and of course, Derrick Beaumann.

Early years

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