Claudia Groves

Claudia Groves

Born Claudia Blaze Groves
September 6, 1998
New York, NY
Current City College student
Occupation Keran Bedrosian (2017 - present)
Child(ren) Malcolm Groves
Gizi Hofman
Parents None
Sibling(s) Named after the gypsy who reversed her mother's family's curse and the gypsy's husband, Claudia was raised in an abnormal household. Her father is multi-millionaire Malcolm Groves, a man who has no regrets about his reputation as a ruthless businessman. Her mother is the youngest of the Hofman clan, a far from wealthy family that was living under a curse until Claudia Petulengro managed to reverse it. With such eccentric parents, it's no wonder she's not the average heiress. Though she does have a spectacular wardrobe.

Early Life


Helping Isabella

Keran (and Caleb)

Father's Arrest

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