Daphne Fisher

Daphne Fisher

Born Daphne Anne Fisher
February 12, 1994 (24)
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Current City Actress
Occupation None known
Parents Father Luca Petrescu and Veronika Korzha
Sibling(s) Stephanie Green (step), Eliza Green (step), Patricia Green (step)

Though Daphne Anne Fisher's first written post was on Dec 27, 2010, she actually became a fully-fleshed character several months earlier, for a project that remains shelved. She was brought to Unbound as a foil and potential mate for Logan Boland.

Daphne has dark brown hair and matching eyes. She dresses well, though somewhat conservatively for an actress of her age. Though on the short side, 5' 3", she acts bigger on stage and behind the camera.

In Unbound, she is portrayed by Lacey Chabert.

She is a woman of many public personalities, due to the duplicitous nature of her career. Off the set, Daphne is perceived to be a typical spoiled partying child star. Tabloids go out of their way to photograph her in compromising positions and with people known to be morally loose. She does little to dissuade the image that she is a carefree party girl, knowing that in her business, any publicity that keeps an actor in front of a camera is good publicity. She dates often and numerous photographs abound, capturing her in "intimate" moments with celebrities, politicians, businessmen, and once, a much older doctor that provided needed scandalous headlines after her career began to sink.

On set, her reputation casts her as an entitled diva with a short temper, especially towards assistants and other crew members. She is notoriously difficult to work with; throwing temper tantrums when scenes didn't go her way, threatening to get crew members (and occasionally, other actors) fired, and once, demanded that a scene be re-shot multiple times because makeup didn't get her hair just right. However, she is generally acknowledged to be an intensely hard worker and brilliant actress. Directors (mostly) love working with her because she has a way with cameras and does accept direction well.

Privately, however, she is a vastly different person than either of her public personas. She is deeply insecure about her looks and talent, and often feels like she's faking her way through her career. Taking private acting lessons isn't unheard of for her. Obsessing over her weight and looks are an almost hourly occurrence. She knows that what she looks like and how well she performs are the two most important aspects of keeping her career fluid, and the stress of keeping both up takes its toll in her interactions with others. What some see as arrogant and snooty is actually her own insecurities and anxiety taking over her brain.

She has few genuine friendships. One, surprisingly, is with the older doctor who spurred a scandal. Though everyone believes that she had an affair with the decades-older man, they simply enjoy each other's company once in a while. Her other friends are new, met during her last job on Love Affair. She doesn't know Tristan de Aquila or Hannah Jackson as well as she'd like, but she feels they are genuine and that she can trust them with parts of herself she cannot trust anyone else with. Finally, her oldest and dearest friend is Nicholas Nixon, the man who played her father on the soap opera Temptations.

Early life

Daphne was born Daphne Anne Korzha in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the daughter of Veronika Korzha, a maid at a nearby hotel. Her father is listed as 'unknown' on her birth certificate. Not much is known about Daphne's early childhood, only that the two traveled extensively before settling down in Chicago. Her mother married Vincent Spanato, an Italian jeweler, in 1998, but they divorced only a year later. After moving back to New York City in 1999, Veronika married stage actor Michael Fisher and changed Daphne's last name to match his. The marriage didn't last, and Veronika took Daphne with her to Los Angeles. Later, when Daphne was a teenager, Veronika married for a third time to Charles Green, a bar owner who lived across the street. In 2011, Veronika and Charles moved to Montana with his three children. Conflicts between Daphne and her mother and step-family created a rift that caused Daphne to break off contact with her family for three years.

Early career

At the age of three, Daphne's mother entered her into a toddler beauty pageant. Though she lost, mostly due to her inexperience, she easily won her second pageant. Encouraged by the win, Veronika signed her up with Ford Models in Chicago.

Daphne spent five years modeling and entering beauty pageants in Chicago and New York. She also appeared in print and television commercials all over the country. By the time she and her mother moved to Los Angeles, Daphne had been in over 50 commercials and had traveled through twenty-two states. She describes this period of her life as "chaotic and confusing, but at times, fun." Except for a brief enrollment in first grade, her mother home-schooled her; Daphne says this hurt her later, since her mother did not have even a high school education. By the time she made it to high school, she hadn't learned even basic math skills. Moving so frequently also hurt her socially, as she never had any long-term friends. "I often wish I had at least one friend who I could count on and who could count on me. Even my invisible friends got left behind every time we moved."


Hoping to get Daphne into acting, Veronika moved them to Los Angeles and used her now-vast network of contacts to find her daughter an acting agent. With such a long exposure to the business, Daphne had no difficulty landing her first television role; that of Anastasia Harper on the soap opera, Temptations. Her first day of shooting was February 12, 2003- her ninth birthday. She recalls that day with clarity.

I walk into this huge cavernous studio filled with sets of people's homes and businesses. This labyrinth of rooms next to other rooms next to other rooms and, looming over everything, hundreds of lights shining down, cameras pointed every which way. The entire setup feels so chaotic and haphazard. Terrifying. I'm just this little kid, you know? I have no idea what I am doing there. And then Mother turns me towards this fancy-looking living room and says, "Daffy, look, there's your new fake home," and laughs. It's scary. Then I meet Nicholas Nixon, who is so kind-looking, and he tells me, "I'm going to be your set-dad," and I think… I wonder… I wonder if I'm ever going to be allowed to have a real home, a real dad. And I tell him, "I'm nine today," because that's the only thing I can think of and he smiles and shakes my hand. Later, he gives me a stuffed bear and it's the only present I get for my birthday. No one else even wishes me a happy birthday. Not even my mother.

Daphne held the role of Anastasia for 8 years. She was a popular character and received hundreds of fan letters daily, sometimes more than her co-star, Lilly Bryce, who had been on the show even longer than Daphne. Despite the long hours, Daphne recalls those years fondly. For the first time in her young life, she had a set schedule; school in the morning, taping from noon to evening, followed by homework and memorizing her lines. Tutors were available on-set on weekends, and Daphne and her fellow teen stars spent as much time as they could with them. Her studies paid off- she graduated with her class on time and with nearly straight-A's. Her career flourished as well, and she felt that despite her personal problems, those were the happiest years of her life.

Post Temptations career and comeback

Abruptly, her role as Anastasia came to an end. Despite the soap's popularity, Temptations suffered in the ratings, and in 2011, the show cut twelve cast members loose, including Daphne. By that time, her mother had moved away with her new family, and the once-popular star was left alone in Hollywood. She appeared a small bit part in rival soap Malibu for several months and landed a three-episode role on the television sit-com Abnormal Psychology, but despite her sterling performances on Temptations, no one seemed to want to bank on her. She returned to commercials, though even those dried up and she found herself working in a nail salon just to make ends meet.

Determined to re-ignite her career, Daphne began staging run-ins with the paparazzi, often in bars and clubs that catered to the Hollywood set. She made sure that the photographers caught her in compromising positions with numerous young male stars and quickly launched herself to the covers of every national tabloid around. Though her name was now on the lips of everyone standing around a water cooler, her new notoriety did little to bring life to her career. Her antics did, however, bring the attention of her former co-star, Nicholas Nixon.

He called me up, wanted to have lunch. We talked for three hours and he begged me to clean myself up, get help. He could help me get work. He had been talking to a producer about a new movie and if I got myself straightened out, he would get me a part in the movie. I felt so guilty, him telling me that. See, ask any bartender at those clubs. I wasn't drunk. I was faking it all. Faking the drugs, the sex, the alcohol. I never touched the stuff. The harshest drink I'd ever ordered there was a ginger ale, ask anyone. I was a virgin. I felt guilty, because I didn't tell him; I just let him think the worst of me, let the world think I was this horrible, sad, washed-up partying actress and maybe someone would feel sorry enough for me to get a part. But what's truly sad is that it worked, and I felt so guilty taking advantage of him. But I did. I kept quiet, I let him think I was working hard to get cleaned up, and he got me the part.

The part was that of prostitute Holly Dearfield: a small, but significant part in the 2013's The Murder of Abby Ross. The role was vastly different from her innocent portrayal of Anastasia Harper, and garnered the attention of producer Adam Levy, who cast her in his 2015 film The Day of Shadows. The role earned her a Best Supporting Actor nomination for that year (though she ultimately lost to Kyra Shepherd in Age of Deception).

She briefly reprised her role in Abnormal Psychology, but with the show's cancellation at the end of the 2016 spring season, she again found herself out of work. For two years, she appeared in numerous small roles, but with the Screen Writers Guild Strike of 2017 delaying both movie and television releases, those roles came few and far between.

Eventually, she was cast in Richter's Hollow, but was replaced by Selina Edgerton early on in filming. Shortly after, she accepted TBS's offer to appear in their reality show, Love Affair, which again catapulted her popularity to the top of the charts.

In Nov 2018, she began filming The Last 48 Hours, due to be released in 2019.

Personal Relationships

Daphne rarely talks publicly about her personal life. She has previously been linked to actors Tim Ludolpho, Aiden King and Peter Larkin. In 2012, she began a relationship with Dr. Allen Schecter which she maintains has always been a platonic one. She has also been rumored to have dated playboy Tommy Strauss. After her show Love Affair ended with a proposal from chosen bachelor Nathan Evans, the couple stayed together for three months before they parted amicably in September 2018. Though there has been no official confirmation, Daphne has been spotted out numerous times with The Last 48 Hours co-star Anthony MacKenna, fueling speculation that the two are a couple.


While filming Temptations, Daphne filed a restraining order against her mother, Veronika Korzha, accusing her of stealing her money. She alleged that since the age of 3, when she began her career in modeling and acting, her mother had spent more than $45 million of her earnings, leaving her with less than $50 per day to live on. She sued for control of her own money, and won, subsequently hiring a financial manager to work with her and her agent to manage her money. Daphne also attempted to emancipate herself, though her mother dragged the case on for two years. The fight essentially ended when Veronika moved with her husband and his children to a ranch in Montana. Daphne alleges that the ranch really belongs to her, since her mother bought it with funds stolen from her, though she has not yet made any attempt to gain access to the ranch.

Shortly after Daphne's role in Temptations ended, the young starlet found herself under arrest for underaged drinking and public intoxication after she became involved in an altercation outside Planet Hollywood. The entire incident was caught on video and released to numerous celebrity gossip sites as well as Youtube. For weeks, many speculated that she had faked the entire incident for a publicity stunt, since some people had pointed out that she not only did not act drunk, but witnesses had come forward and stated that she had not had a single drink all night. She received three months probation, angering fans who claimed she got off because of her celebrity status. Though she later admitted much of her rebellious behavior was staged and dismissed it as "childish stupidity", the media still continues to portray her as a party girl out of control.

Her relationship with much older Dr. Allen Schecter also sparked a flurry of media reports. Dr. Schecter, a retired Hollywood plastic surgeon, had been seen with Daphne on what the media called a "January-December" romantic date. The date reportedly occurred on the night of her 18th birthday, and Dr. Schecter was 67 at the time, and still married to his wife, who was dying of breast cancer at the time. The media skewered her, despite both of them denying that the relationship was anything other than platonic. Even his wife Leanne denied the rumors, but the stories followed them for many years. Leanne died in early 2013 and the two continue to have dinner and theater dates while consistently denying rumors that they are more than friends.

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