Jess Valette

Jess Valette

Born Jessica Margo Valette
Feb 23, 1997 (21)
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Current City San Francisco, California
Occupation Homeless heroin junkie
Parents Gavin and Nellie Valette (both deceased)
Sibling(s) Kaycee Valette, Max Valette, Theo Valette

Jessica Margo Valette appeared for the first time in August 2007 in Sylvan Hollow. She was created as a replacement for, and based on, SRP's Cila Douglas, who had her own storyline continue post-SRP. Her last name comes from a former co-worker of her writer. Originally, the character had no defined age, though she was generally written to be around 16 years old.

Later, after Sylvan Hollow's demise, Jessica was rewritten to fit into an RPOL story called Streets. She aged ten years, additional details were added to her backstory, her younger brother, Theo, was rewritten as her twin, and her older sister became an older brother. Streets only lasted a few months, but her character's personality and troubles became indelibly attached to her. She also appeared in a short story written after Streets ended.

In 2014, her character was re-introduced, this time to Unbound. Like her iteration in Streets, she was a homeless heroin addict who was barely existing. Her backstory and details stayed the same as in Streets, except she was written as 5 years younger. Though she didn't initially have a plot line, discussion among the other writers led to a storyline that required an overhaul of her backstory and family members to match both Streets and Sylvan Hollow.

Jessica is dark-haired and dark-eyed, with a pale complexion. She doesn't have a fashion style, unless you consider 'homeless chic' to be one. Her clothing is either stolen or donated and occasionally found in dumpsters. She is of average height, and is very thin due to her drug use.

In Unbound, she is portrayed by Sophie Marceau.

Because of her early traumatic losses, Jess doesn't feel like she can trust people and never talks about herself or the situations she's in. Even her few friends don't know her all that well. She can be friendly and funny, but her sarcasm is biting and she jokes at the expense of other people. Mostly, though, she is angry and hostile towards people, particularly men.

Currently, she has no male friends and doesn't have any strong bonds with women, and she has never had a boyfriend. Tahlia Gauthier and Jenna Lucian have both attempted to be friends with her, but Jess doesn't want to reciprocate. Currently, her closest friend is Miranda Rosakis.

Early Life (1997-2014)

Jessica Margo Valette and her twin, Cormac "Max" Valette were born February 23, 1997 to parents Gavin Michel Valette, a Colorado patrol officer, and Ellen Jane "Nellie" van Houten, a stay-at-home mom. The twins have two other siblings, Kathryn Celia "Kaycee" and Theodore James Valette. The twins were born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but Jess's father moved the family to Aurora, Colorado when the twins were four, for work reasons. The children grew up happy and healthy, and although Jess had a few behavioral problems as she approached her teen years, the household was generally loving and happy.

Orphaned (2009)

On a Friday night shortly after Jess and Theo turned twelve, Jess and her father got into an argument early in the afternoon, and she had pretended to run away. She hid on the roof until Gavin left in his patrol car to go find her. Late that night, two officers came to the door and informed the family that Gavin had been killed in the line of duty. Devastated, Jess shut down and refused to go to school. Eventually, she was convinced to go back, but she became quiet and withdrawn and quickly lost most of her friends. Eight months later, Kaycee came home from football practice and found their mother lying on the bathroom floor. She tried to resuscitate her, but it was too late; she had been dead for hours.

Foster care (2011-2014)

Initially, the children were placed with their grandparents in Louisiana, but the couple quickly found themselves overwhelmed. With their grandparents in ill-health and facing eviction, Kaycee moved the children to a little town nearby once she turned 18, hoping that the change of scenery would help the family heal. The family struggled for several months and soon CPS decided that Kaycee couldn't keep custody of the younger children. The three siblings were taken away in November of 2011 and placed in foster homes; Theo and Max to one, and Jess to another home across the state. The boys flourished, but Jess continued to deteriorate. By the time the children were returned to Kaycee's custody, almost three years had passed and Jess had become sullen and violent, throwing temper tantrums at the slightest provocation and destroying things in the house on a regular basis. When Kaycee abruptly moved the family to San Francisco because of a job opportunity, Jess decided to disappear during the chaos.

Homeless (2014-2017)

Jess moved around San Francisco, moving between juvie and being homeless. After turning 18, she settled in the infamous Tenderloin District. Without money or means to make money, she settled into a life of criminal activity to fund her burgeoning drug habit. Shoplifting gave way to petty theft to robbery. She only got arrested once, for drug possession, and served only a few months before she was released due to overcrowding at the jail. Jess thought often about returning home, but with no way of knowing where her family had ended up, no money to get there even if she knew, and the little problem of a rampant heroin addiction, she soon gave up on her idea. Jess spent four years on the streets, hopelessly addicted and close to giving up.

Florida (2017)

In the winter of 2017, Jess went to a women's shelter for a week. There, she met Tahlia Gauthier, who at first claimed to be homeless like her, but quickly dropped her story when Jess confronted her after she complained about the quality of the shelter food. Tahlia, or Tali, as she preferred to be called, claimed she was doing a study on the homeless and the difficulty in getting shelter and care. Though Jess was pissed about being lied to and used as a "social guinea pig", she allowed Tali to interview her on the grounds that she didn't use her name or try to glorify being homeless. Tali agreed, and continued to visit Jess any time she could. Occasionally, she would bring her friend Jenna with her. Jenna's father, Jonas Lucian, had once been homeless, and had spent years in the Tenderloin, so she brought Jess to the shelter her parents ran. Upon meeting Jonas, Jess broke off contact with the girls, never explaining why. Although she refused to talk to Tali after that, the girl continued to try and help Jess, finally coming up with the idea to take her to Florida. Despite her misgivings, Jess accepted her offer and the three girls boarded a plane to Delray Beach, Florida.

Tahlia's brother, Blake met them at the airport. Despite her promise to herself that she wouldn't make trouble, she immediately took a dislike to him and started saying things to rile him up. Thankfully, Jess was spending the week at a hotel rather than at Tahlia's family's house, so she didn't have to worry about running into the hostile brother again.

Her second night in Florida, Jess snuck out of her hotel room and went to a bar, where she met Miranda Rosakis. The two hit it off, so when Jess later got in trouble with the Gauthier family, resulting in the police being called, Miranda fled with her to Los Angeles despite her fear of running into her own family.

California (2017-2018)

Jess and Miranda floated around California for several months, panhandling and stealing to make enough money for drugs and shelter. By January, Jess was so strung out that she made a mistake that would cost her and Miranda their freedom. They were arrested and later convicted for drug possession. Fortunately for the two of them, California's law allowed for drug offenders to enter a rehabilitation program in lieu of a prison sentence. Both girls leapt at the chance, although they got split up; Miranda entering the Oak Valley Recovery Center in San Jose, and Jessica entering Vista Horizons Rehab Facility in Los Angeles on Jan 20, 2018.

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