Kendall O'Callaghan

Kendall O'Callaghan

Born Kendall Zareh O'Callaghan
March 31, 1993 (25
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Current City Fort Lauderdale, FL
Occupation Student
Partner(s) Amy Hart
Parents Irvyn O'Callaghan
Penny Bedrosian
Sibling(s) Karekin Bedrosian

Only son of Irvyn O'Callaghan and Penny Bedrosian. He's attending University in the state of Florida in Business Management.

The phrase 'Like father, like son' had never rung this true. Having a father that struggled with anger management all his life as if it was hereditary, trying to escape the same fate as he grew in age was impossibly hard.

He sometimes wonder about his own sanity, feeling two sides of himself at war deep within. He knew he can't reel in his temper when something angers him, and even less the harsh remarks that fall from his lips, but he always tries to balance it out by going to apologize if he was in the wrong. Which was seldom.

Taking much after his paternal figure, he is as protective toward Katerina than his father was toward Abby, Kat's mother. Amy is another woman he is sensitive about, although for an entirely different reason.

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