Laura Boland

Laura Boland-Zinnes

Born Laura Boland
Medina, Ohio
June 30, 1986 (32)
Current City Housewife
Occupation Ethan Zinnes
Child(ren) Daniel Boland and Eniko Hofman
Parents Keira Boland
Logan Boland
Shawn Boland
Rosalind Boland
Maggie Boland
Ginnifer Boland

Laura began as a named child of Eniko Boland. She appeared once in an early post-SRP scene as the child who played on Malcolm Groves' Monopoly game team. She was to appear as an NPC in Unbound, but with the introduction of her sister Rosalind as a story character, she quickly began to develop as a part of the "Boland Triplets" along with Maggie.

Like most of her siblings, Laura has brown eyes and dark brown hair. She is conservative in her dress and goes for mostly comfortable "mom clothes" like sweats, sweatshirts and jeans, though will dress up when the situation calls for it. Though not as outgoing as the youngest and oldest Boland women, she is the most outspoken and outgoing of the three middle sisters. Her closest family relationship is with her brother, Shawn, though in the past, she held close friendships with Maggie, Rosalind and their cousin, Alexis.

In Unbound, she is portrayed by Rose Byrne.

Laura is a stay-at-home mother of three. Her husband works for the gas company.

Early life

Laura Boland was born on June 30, 1986, the fourth child of Daniel Boland and Eniko Hofman. She had a normal childhood, spending it playing outside in the woods with her older siblings. Her relationships with her older sister, Keira, and brothers, Logan and Shawn were strong until the curse changed shortly before her 6th birthday. From then on, the lives of her immediate and extended family's lives became chaotic and troubled. Her mother grew even more short-tempered and bitter and her father became distant. It all came to head when her mother and aunt Gizi attacked each other Thanksgiving day. Several days later, her father began sleeping on the sofa. Laura, always a daddy's girl, sometimes slept on the floor in front of the couch. When Daniel moved out in December, Laura was crushed, and quit speaking to anyone for the entire month of January. Fortunately for the entire family, Daniel moved back home at the beginning of February.

Under the new direction of their teamed-up parents, the six younger siblings flourished. For her eighth birthday, Laura got a camera and proceeded to take photos of everything she saw. Her father spent a fortune in developing her film rolls, but no one complained. She became adept at photography by studying her own shots and comparing them to the masters.

High School


Personal life

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