Mika Barnett


Born Mika Kau'i Barnett
December 26, 2016 (25)
Hana, Hawaii
Current City Los Angeles, California
Occupation Author
Partner(s) Single
Parents Nalu and Ellie Barnett
Sibling(s) Lana Barnett, Keoni Barnett, Hana Barnett, Malie Barnett

Mika Kau'i Barnett was born into Unbound. She has dark brown hair and eyes that vary between hazel and green, a heart-shaped face and pale skin that belies her native Hawaiian heritage. Tall and slight, standing around 5' 6" and 130 1bs soaking wet, she most resembles her paternal grandfather, Dane Barnett.

In Unbound, she is portrayed by India Eisley.

Mika is a quiet, reserved young woman, not known to enter conversations without a lot of though beforehand. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family and would do anything, even put herself at risk, in order to protect them. Even with her family members, she holds back her thoughts and emotions, although she occasionally lets go when the situation calls for it.

Two of her biggest flaws is her need to seek the truth, and the inability to let go of her passions, no matter what the cost. Her quest to discover the truth behind her baby sister's kidnapping sixteen years before has cost her deeply. With the exception of one person, her entire family turned their backs on her and refuse to speak to her because of how she handled her search.

Wine is her favorite drink of choice, though she doesn't discriminate. Although she isn't technically an alcoholic, she is a lonely person and sometimes her depression leads to heavy drinking sessions. She has a public image to maintain, so going out and clubbing isn't something she can afford to do. In her own apartment, however, she drinks to excess when her stress and emotions get too out of control. She does not, and never will, touch drugs, however, even prescription.

Despite her reserved personality, she gets along with just about everyone she meets. She has a small circle of friends in Los Angeles, mostly other authors and people in the entertainment industry. Her fans adore her, as she never fails to chat and joke around with them during book signings, and she responds to each email and blog comment she receives. Although she has plenty of vocal critics and "haters", she doesn't let them get to her. She has far too many fans who love her to care about those who don't.

Her cousin, Joss Barnett, is the only family member she still gets along with. They adore each other, and any time Mika is in town, Joss appears to keep her company. Some of her other friends are her manager, Ty Walker, B-list actress Molly McCallister, authors Jane Stephens, David Whedon and Topher Arizona, and her closest friend and confidant next to Joss, Sami Bodele.

Early Life

Mika Barnett was born the day after Christmas, 2016, in Hana, Hawaii, to Nalu Keon Barnett and Elikapeka "Ellie" Barnett (née Waipa). She is their second-born child, as she is only a few hours younger than her twin sister, Lana. She also has three younger siblings- a brother, Keoni, and two younger sisters, Hana and Malie. The four older siblings grew up in the house their grandparents owned before they moved away to New York.

As a little girl, Mika and her siblings were fairly close. She and Lana were inseparable throughout their childhoods, and she always treated her younger siblings kindly. She was a very generous child, often spending months creating gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Her favorite memories were of the holidays where all of her cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings stayed under one roof during the holidays, filling the house with noise and laughter and the smells of food and pine trees.

Sadly, the last of those boisterous holidays happened on her 9th birthday. She holds onto the memory of that day tightly, as it was the last time she can remember he family actually being happy. A few short months later, her mother gave birth to her baby sister, Malie, and tragically, the following morning, someone kidnapped the baby from the hospital. Her family was devastated; her formerly cheerful and goofy mother grew somber and hollow-eyed, quick to anger, and profoundly depressed. Her stoic father grew even more stoic, and his art took a dark turn. That year, Christmas consisted of quietly exchanged half-hearted gifts and a store-bought cupcake cake for the twins. After that, the house remained silent, even during holidays.

The Blog That Divided a Family

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