Rori Gillpatrick

Rori Gillpatrick

Born Eileen Rori Gillpatrick
May 1994 (23)
Pearl City, Hawaii
Current City Head Bartender
Student in Business Management
Occupation Alex Barnett (October 2017-Present)
Sibling(s) Rori has just recently moved to the Maui Island. She is not the stereotypical Irish girl with the sharp tongue and fiery temper. In fact, she is possibly the most lax of the group. Her bubbly personality is something that is hidden because of her inability to truly be herself with absolutely everyone that she meets. It is already known that Rori can be an overachiever. She balances two jobs, both connected with the Barnett family, and is currently working to get her master’s in business.

Early Life

Rori was born as Eileen Rori Gillpatrick to a farmer, Devlin Gillpatrick and his wife, Bridget in the late springtime of 1993. She was an inquisitive child, always sticking her nose in places that it didn’t belong. There wasn’t a wonder when she would disappear for hours at a time simply exploring their massive farm and could just about always be found in the stable with the family’s horses. She was bright and happy and for the most part always had nice things to say to people and kept people laughing with her questions.

It was during that time that the farm was booming, raking in more money than any other farms in the island of Oahu. Devlin was quite proud of his accomplishments as well as his little family that was staying just that way…small. Worrying about his wife, he had her taken to the doctor. Turns out, she had been taking birth control pills and hadn’t bothered to tell her husband. It broke out into a huge argument between them and led to years of strain. However, it was still a surprise when Bridget left her family the year that Rori turned fourteen for another man.

Rori tried to help her father get through the difficult part of their lives, but it seemed to be to no avail. He still went to the bars and got drunk at night and she virtually started to run the farm on her own. She managed to keep it afloat until she had to go to college where she studied business and graduated magna cum laude.


Rori hasn’t been the most successful when it comes to relationships. She started dating her first serious boyfriend when she was sixteen and a junior in high school. She didn’t really know how to be in a relationship and had trouble putting “her all” into it. She refused to show affection to him and was convinced that she was going to remain a virgin until she was marriage. Naturally, her boyfriend, Jason, wasn’t one to exactly one to support that. That’s why it didn’t seem to surprise anyone when he cheated on Rori with her best friend saying that she “seduced” him. They broke up immediately.

It took a while for Rori to completely recoup before she to the next boyfriend when she was seventeen. He seemed to be the perfect one for her. His name was Patrick Ackers and he was an Irish Catholic just like she was. He got along with her father, the few times they were around each other, and he was a star athlete and hot out of this world. Rori was in heaven. That is, until she began to notice that other girls in her high school were also wanting a piece of Patrick and were probably willing to do a lot more to get him and to keep him. The next rational step to her was to lose her virginity to him and that she did. It worked for a time; the two were even talking marriage eventually. They were together until she was nineteen. It was then that she found out that he was having an affair with someone he met in college.

Since then, Rori hasn’t had a serious relationship. She’s a bit jaded when it comes to them and though she fantasizes about finding that perfect man. “Jaded romantic” is how she describes herself and she’s quite right in that respect. She only dates now and doesn’t become involved in anything too serious in fear of going back to how things used to be in her past relationships. However, now, she is dating Alex Barnett.

Current Aspirations

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