Rosalind Boland

Rosalind Alsten

Born Rosalind Rhiann Boland
Medina, Ohio
March 24, 1990 (28)
Current City
Occupation Housewife
Partner(s) Jacob Alsten
Parents Daniel Boland and Eniko Hofman
Sibling(s) Keira Boland
Logan Boland
Shawn Boland
Laura Boland
Maggie Boland
Ginnifer Boland

Although conceived and named as a two-year old child of Eniko Boland, Rosalind never appeared as a character until she was already an adult. Her adult character came about as a foil to Caleigh's situation- a Hofman who received the blessing but lost it. Rosalind received the blessing and voluntarily gave it up.

Rosalind shares the dark hair and brown eyes of the Hofman clan. Her height of 5'8" makes her one of the tallest of the Hofman girls. She favors simple, casual clothing like t-shirts and jeans, though on occasion, she will wear skirts and blouses. She is very modest, and will not even wear a bikini at her own swimming pool, and although she can be outgoing and friendly, she has a confidence problem that makes her very reclusive and secretive. Even her closest siblings do not have any idea what she is thinking at any given time. She does have many close friends and relatives; Maggie being her closest friend. Growing up, the similar-looking girls spent so much time together, people thought they were twins. She is also close friends with Sammy Wright, Sylvia Pettie, Wayne Aronsen, and Brianna Kelso, among others. In her family, she is especially close to her sister Laura and cousin Alexis.

In Unbound, she is portrayed by Victoria Justice.

Her love of animals inspired her to go to college to be a veterinary assistant, but upon meeting her future husband, Jacob Alsten, she dropped out in her second year. Currently, she is unemployed, but volunteers occasionally for an animal rescue in Medina.

She has many nicknames, most of which she dislikes. Roz or Rozzy, she doesn't mind, but she hates being called Rose or Rosie. Maggie calls her Rossie, and is the only one allowed to do so. Her friend Sylvia calls her Linds and her husband always calls her Rosalind.

Early life

Born in Medina, Ohio, Rosalind Rhiann Boland is the sixth of Daniel and Eniko (neé Hofman)'s seven children. She has Irish and Hungarian ancestry and was raised a Catholic. Until she was two years old, Rosalind's mother's family was subject to a curse that killed anyone unmarried by the age of 21. She had little knowledge of the curse growing up, even through the massive upheaval her extended family went through following the change that ended the threat of death. Her parents marriage also began to suffer, and when Rosalind was three, her father moved out, only to return two months later, in February 1994.

In spite of the uncertainty of her early years, Rosalind had a fairly happy childhood. She and her siblings and various cousins spent a lot of time exploring the woods around their grandmother's house during the summers. One of her favorite games to play with her sister Maggie was the "Bunny Game", a form of hide-and-seek where the girls would pretend they were rabbits and make burrows under the deadfall, playing for hours and hiding when older brothers Logan and Shawn were dispatched to hunt them down. Rosalind dubbed Logan "Wolfy" and Shawn "Fox Boy", nicknames that lingered long into adulthood, much to the boys' chagrin. Another game they played was "Big City", where the four youngest girls gathered together all of their stuffed animals and built homes for them out of various cupboards and closets in the large Boland house. Rosalind especially liked using Logan's closet for her pink kitten collection, as he seemed to get the most annoyed with pink animals sticking out of his clothes pockets.

She also learned to draw before she could talk or read. Numerous drawings and finger-paintings still exist, some bound in notebooks, others packed in boxes. Animals made up the bulk of her artwork, especially horses and rabbits- her two favorite animals. Her skill in drawing improved over the years and she won an art contest during her first grade year. Her interest waned during the years her oldest sister, Keira began to cause problems in the family. At the age of sixteen, the year Rosalind turned eight, Keira gave birth to her daughter, Hannah.

The chaos that followed brought her closer to her oldest brother, Logan, when she and her sisters began to star in many of the films he created to keep them all entertained. As the situation with Keira calmed, the films slowed, and Maggie and Rosalind found other forms of entertainment. The peace ended again when Rosalind turned ten, when Keira divorced her husband and sent the family into another tailspin. She never regained her close relationship with her brother, turning instead to Laura and Maggie for support. By that time, Laura's close friendship with their troubled cousin, Alexis had cooled, and she began to spend more time with her younger sisters. The three of them became very close-knit, to the exclusion of their other siblings.

Despite her love of drawing, Rosalind began to spend less and less time on artwork once she hit middle school. Boys and being popular became her top priority, and she gave up art altogether in the middle of seventh grade. Her obsession with animals, too, fell by the wayside. She never gave a reason, and probably wouldn't have, had anyone asked.

High School

Rosalind's freshman year started off challenging, socially, despite having an older sister and a cousin already in her high school. She ran into a few bullies, but eventually, she got the upper hand. Her sophomore year went far better, and by Homecoming, she and Maggie had become two of the most popular girls in school.

Of course, with popularity came the boys. Their parents had imposed strict rules about dating, due to Keira's transgressions. Chaperoned group dates until 16, and unchaperoned group dates until the girls graduated or turned 18. However, Rosalind had other ideas. With the help of Maggie, she regularly snuck out of the house and went on her own dates, or she and her friends used sleepovers to meet up with boys (though, afraid to end up like Keira, she never went further than heavily making out). Her affinity towards art never really returned, but her love for animals remained. After graduating high school with decent grades, she moved onto college the following fall and enrolled in pre-vet courses.

College and marriage

College started off wonderfully. She enrolled in Ohio State University in Columbus after being declined for her first choice and found herself more than 100 miles from home and free from all the chaos and strict rules. Rosalind took the opportunity to let loose and spent nearly her entire first year drinking and partying while still maintaining an A average.

In the spring of 2009, she met a group of pre-med students at one of the parties who she recognized from a few of her classes. One of them was a young, dark-haired oncology student named Jacob Alsten. Smart, funny, attractive; the attraction was instant, though it took several weeks before he asked her out. The two hit it off and by the end of the summer, they were seriously dating. Rosalind was head over heels for Jacob and when he asked her to marry him, she immediately said yes.

The two married only a month after his graduation in 2010. Figuring she didn't need to go to school anymore, Rosalind dropped out of college. Her parents were delighted (at least her mother was; she never felt certain about her father's reaction) and most of her siblings offered their support.

Personal life

Rosalind and her husband Jacob live in an affluent section of Columbus, Ohio. Jacob is one of the top doctors at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center and Rosalind serves as his assistant, working from her home office. They have no children.

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