Theo Valette

Theo Valette

Born Theodore James Valette
Aug 17, 2002 (16)
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Current City San Francisco, California
Occupation High school student
Parents Gavin and Nellie Valette (both deceased)
Sibling(s) Kaycee Valette, Jess Valette, Max Valette

Theo Valette appeared for the first time in August 2007 in Sylvan Hollow, created as a younger brother to Jess Valette. Originally, the character had no defined age, though he was generally written to be around 9 years old.

After Sylvan Hollow ended, Theo and Jessica were both rewritten to fit into an RPOL story called Streets. Theo was rewritten as Jessica's twins, new details added to their backstory, and their older sister, Kaycee, became an older brother named Killian. Streets ended after a few months and a year later, Jessica and Theo appeared in a short story as their Streets characters.

In 2014, his character briefly returned, introduced in Unbound with a new name and backstory. His past story and siblings have been overhauled to match both Streets and Sylvan Hollow. Theo remained as Jessica's twin, Killian changed back to the original Kaycee, and the younger brother renamed to Eli. After a six year hiatus, the Valette family returned yet again, undergoing another complete overhaul due to the loss of most of the previous writings. Currently, Theo has returned to his original age and status as younger sibling, Jessica's twin has been renamed Max, and Kaycee and Jessica getting minor backstory tweaks to fit the current storylines.

Theo has light curly hair and hazel eyes. He stands about 5'9" tall and has a slender build. He enjoys skateboarding and car racing, though he doesn't yet have a license.

In Unbound, Theo is portrayed by George Shelley.

Like his brother, Theo is outgoing and extroverted. He makes friends of both sexes very easily and is somewhat popular at school. He has a group of friends that he hangs out with, and is "sort of" dating Taylor Allen, a girl he's been close friends with for a couple of years. He still fondly remembers Zach Stone, his only friend from back in Louisiana.

Early Life (2002-2014)

Orphaned (2009)

Foster care (2011-2014)

San Francisco (2014-2018)

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