Waite Bonner

Waite Bonner

Born Waite Bonner
June 11, 1963
Plantation, FL
Current City Delray Beach, FL
Occupation Firefighter
Partner(s) Penny Bedrosian (1989 - 1990)
Mary Jane Watson (1992)
Rachel Wyndham (1993 - present, married)
Child(ren) Karekin Bedrosian
Sibling(s) None

Waite Bonner is the fire chief in Delray Beach, FL. He is the father of Karekin Bedrosian, and the "uncle" of Keran and Isabella Bedrosian (and their brothers, of course). He is Xavier Bedrosian's best friend and Penny Bedrosian's ex-fiance.

Childhood and New York

Waite grew up in Plantation, FL, raised by his mother after his father left when he was too young to remember. As a young boy, he became friends with Xavier Bedrosian and they soon became inseparable. After growing up together, Waite and Xavier both attended NYU together. Xavier became a paramedic, but Waite dropped out, choosing to go to training as a firefighter instead.

Shortly after becoming a firefighter, Waite was nearly killed in a fire due to hallucinations. After being sent to see a therapist, he was diagnosed as schizophrenic and prescribed medication. The diagnosis was a terrible blow to his self-esteem and he became very depressed. When Xavier's younger sister, Penny, followed them to New York, Waite found it harder and harder to resist the crush that she'd had on him for years. After getting drunk one night (despite his medication), they had a one-night stand that resulted in a pregnancy. Wanting to do the right thing, Waite asked her to marry him.

Despite doubts, he planned to go through with their engagement. The night before the wedding, however, Penny told him that the baby was not his. She was pregnant before they had sex. As a result, he called off the wedding and decided to leave New York, heading across the country to Monterey, CA.

Monterey, CA

After arriving in Monterey, Waite attempted to put his history with Penny behind him. Trying to ignore the guilt he felt for leaving her with a baby (one that he adored), he made multiple new friends. He dated several girls , including a fairly serious relationship with a girl named Mary Jane. Soon after his arrival, Xavier joined him in Monterey and the pair became roommates again. Not long after that, Penny showed up, wanting to make amends for what she'd done in New York. Waite was uninterested and angry a long time, though when he learned that she was struggling to get off drugs, he attempted to support her. When their friend, Lily, arrived, the feud between the two girls renewed as if it had never ended. Between trying to maintain his relationship with Mary Jane, help Penny with her drug problem (and prevent her from getting sucked into an abusive relationship), and trying to keep Penny and Lily from hurting each other, Waite was a busy man.

After several months of friendship with Penny, her sister arrived to inform them that she was attempting to adopt Penny's child. However, the man that Penny had assumed was the father, was not. After a paternity test, it was determined that Waite really was the father of Penny's child, Karekin. Despite doubts, Waite signed away his parental rights so that Penny's sister could adopt him. Throughout the ordeal, he spent a lot of time examining his feelings and he realized that he was still in love with Penny. Wanting to be honest, he told Mary Jane, who was understandably upset and broke off their relationship. Then, he went to tell Penny, but by this time she was in a relationship with Irvyn. Despite Waite's worries about her, she chose not to return his feelings anymore and he was left alone. He was sad, but the result wasn't terribly unexpected. Deciding that if he couldn't have the woman he felt he was supposed to, he could still have a life with his son, Waite moved back to Florida to live with Penny's family and his child.

Back to Florida & Life With Karey

Moving back to Florida, Waite moved in with Penny's sister, Amy, and her husband Sam. Helping them raise Karekin (and later, their own child), he worked at the local fire station. One day, on his way to work, he met Rachel, a young woman who'd spent most of her life chased by demons. After suggesting a women's shelter for her, he wasn't sure he'd ever see her again, but he did. After multiple meetings (on the way to or from shifts at the fire station), they became friends and he invited her to dinner. Their friendship grew from there and they eventually married. Moving into the house next door, Waite and his new wife continued to be an important part of his son's life. Currently, Waite is proud to serve as the fire chief in his station, and employ his son as one of his best firefighters.

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