Current Events

Wild On New York: Klarissa just met Caleb's parents. They've agreed to elope if they get married. They are currently headed back to his house.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame: Alexis and Derrick just had dinner out. He has permission to do something romantic in the upcoming week.

Port Eden Pedigrees: Mark and Sash went to a coffeeshop to get to know each other.

Why The Caged Bird Sings: Kat has met and become friends with Miah, Christian's sister.

The Wolf and the Rabbit: Devon and Hana are found in the park by her cousin and his friend. The meeting is not friendly thus far.

Apple of New York: Keran is about to propose.

Look at Miss Ohio: David proposed and they will be marrying shortly before Christmas.

And I'm Here To Remind You: Maleena is a psycho. And now she's knocked up with "Jack's" kid. Araceli has decided to stick around despite that.

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